Where your sucees is our mutual goal.


Century Direct Group Ltd’s long term objective is to expand and enhance its business and its pool of intellectual capital by hiring and training individuals who possess the key attributes that are requisite to success on both a corporate and a personal level: knowledge and intellectual curiosity; integrity and commitment to a purpose; a thirst for knowledge and desire for self improvement; and a business attitude aptly suited to the challenges of achieving superior wealth-creation for all CDG clients.

Whether you are oriented toward a career in Investment Research and Analysis, Portfolio Management, Corporate Finance, Professional Trading or fulfilling the important frontline role of a CDG Investor Advisor, Century Direct is interested in hearing about you: your education; your abilities; your career objectives; as well as what you seek in your prospective employer/partner in your financial career.

Every new employee at Century Direct Group Ltd. will become a member of a team that prides itself on leading edge research and market intelligence with a concerted focus on superior wealth creation ideas for our valued clients. As part of the Century Direct team, you will share in, and contribute to, a vast pool of intellectual capital and entrepreneurial talent.

CDG nurtures a culture of teamwork, professionalism, and superior Customer Service. Innovation, talent and fulfillment of demanding client satisfaction goals are the standards by which personal success is achieved and rewarded.

If you are an aggressive, goal-oriented individual seeking a challenge and the rewards commensurate with above average levels of achievement, please forward your resume and a brief letter to us via the Contact Us page.